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Truck Mounted Auger Drills

CME-45B Drill RigCME-45B
The CME-45B is an economical, efficient drill that can be mounted on a truck, trailer or ATV carrier. Power is provided by a deck mounted diesel engine. Available optional equipment includes in-out and sideways slide bases, automatic SPT hammer, direct push hammer, pavement core systems, hydraulic rod holder and break-out wrench, cathead, water tank, a variety of hydraulic hoists, and much more. The CME-45B will drill holes up to 11 inches (27 cm) in diameter using conventional or hollow-stem augers.
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CME-45C Drill RigCME-45C
This is one of our most versatile drill rigs. It can be mounted on a truck, trailer, skid, ATV or the CME-300 rubber track carrier. It can even be made helicopter-portable. A skid/trailer configuration gives you two options. You can use the drill as a conventional trailer mounted unit, or you can easily remove the drill from the trailer and skid it up or down steep slopes, or through narrow openings. The CME-45C has the same drilling capabilities as the CME-45B but can also be equipped for angle drilling.
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CME-55 Drill RigCME-55
The CME-55 has been the standard of its class for over 55 years. It can be mounted on a truck, trailer, ATV, or the CME-300 rubber track carrier. A low-clearance model is also available that allows you to drill under service station canopies or other overhead obstructions. With 28,275 pounds (12,825 kg) of retract force and up to 9,425 foot pounds (12,778 Nm) of rotary torque, the CME-55 is capable of drilling holes up to 14.75 inches (37.5 cm) in diameter using conventional or hollow-stem augers. Fast retract is now standard.
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CME-55LC Drill RigCME-55LC
The CME-55LC drill has a unique feed and retract system and a quick disconnect mast that allow you to convert to low clearance mode when overhead restrictions exist. Expand your services and increase your bottom line with the CME-55LC.
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CME-55LCX Drill RigCME-55LCX
The CME-55LCX was introduced in 2015. In addition to its ability to convert to low clearance mode when needed, it also has a higher horsepower engine which results in spindle torque rating near 12,000 foot pounds (16,270 Nm). More power means more production on those limited access sites.
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CME-75 Drill RigCME-75
The CME-75 has earned a reputation second to none for outstanding performance and reliability. It can be mounted on a single or tandem rear axle truck or ATV carrier. Fast retract rates mean quick cycle times when adding augers or tripping out of the hole. The dependable mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 13,220 foot pounds (17,924 Nm) of torque for auger drilling holes up to 18.5 inches (47 cm) in diameter.
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CME-85 Drill Rig CME-85
This rig has big power. And it was built to handle that power. There are no compromises. Everything is heavy-duty. The right angle drive, the rotary box, the frame, every component was specifically designed to take the forces this drill can produce, and then some. Like all CME drills, the CME-85 is designed with many features for easy operation. A patented hydraulic kelly bar lift system, for instance, makes coupling and uncoupling the kelly bar to the right angle drive virtually effortless. The transmission has six forward gears so there’s a rotation speed and torque combination for just about any situation, from large diameter auger drilling to deep rotary jobs. With 22,900 foot pounds (31,048 Nm) of torque, the CME-85 can handle hole sizes up to 18.5 inches (47 cm) in diameter using hollow-stem augers.
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CME-95 Drill Rig CME-95
Equip the CME-95 with a string of CME extra-heavy-duty augers and you’ve got the ultimate combination for really big drilling jobs. No other drill is going to do the job for you faster or more efficiently. The rugged mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 36,100 foot pounds (48,945 Nm) of torque for turning large diameter augers. The power shift transmission, with four gears in both forward and reverse, provides a rotation speed and torque combination for any situation. And an independent, hydraulically actuated low speed drive system gives you infinite regulation of spindle rotation from 0 to 100 rpm. It makes lining up auger connections and making or breaking drill rod connections easy. It also works exceptionally well in down-the-hole hammer drilling operations. In auger drilling applications, the standard CME-95 can drill up to 18.5 inch (47 cm) diameter holes. It can also be equipped for drilling up to 25 inch (63.5 cm) diameter holes.
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CME Truck Mounted Drills
  45B 45C 55 55LC 55LCX 75 85 95
Standard Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) 760 rpm 760 rpm 800 rpm 800 rpm 600 rpm 740 rpm 490 rpm 540 rpm
Rotary Torque (max) 3,530 ft/lbs
(4,785 Nm)
3,530 ft/lbs
(4,785 Nm)
7,780 ft/lbs
(10,545 Nm)
7,780 ft/lbs
(10,545 Nm)
11,950 ft/lbs
(16,200 Nm)
10,440 ft/lbs
(14,150 Nm)
22,950 ft/lbs
(31,115 Nm)
30,200 ft/lbs
(40,945 Nm)
High Torque Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) 550 rpm 550 rpm 665 rpm 665 rpm N/A 585 rpm N/A 450 rpm
Rotary Torque (max) 4,850 ft/lbs
(6,575 Nm)
4,850 ft/lbs
(6,575 Nm)
9,425 ft/lbs
(12,775 Nm)
9,425 ft/lbs
(12,775 Nm)
N/A 13,225 ft/lbs
(17,930 Nm)
N/A 36,100 ft/lbs
(48,945 Nm)
High Speed Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 930 rpm 620 rpm N/A
Rotary Torque (max) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8,355 ft/lbs
(11,325 Nm)
18,080 ft/lbs
(24,510 Nm)
Feed System
Pull Down Force 13,650 lbs
(6,190 kg)
13,650 lbs
(6,190 kg)
18,650 lbs
(8,460 kg)
19,750 lbs
(8,959 kg)
19,750 lbs
(8,959 kg)
20,000 lbs
(9,070 kg)
28,225 lbs
(12,800 kg)
33,135 lbs
(15,030 kg)
Retract Force 19,600 lbs
(8,890 kg)
19,600 lbs
(8,890 kg)
28,275 lbs
(12,825 kg)
27,615 lbs
(12,526 kg)
27,615 lbs
(12,526 kg)
30,000 lbs
(13,600 kg)
48,100 lbs
(21,815 kg)
62,830 lbs
(28,500 kg)

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Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.

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