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CME-85 Truck Mounted Drill Features

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CME-85 Brochure CME Product Catalog

CME-85 Brochure

CME Product Catalog

85 Features  |  85 Specifications  |  85 Optional Equipment

22,950 foot pounds of rotary torque; 48,000 pounds of retract… and designed from the ground up to handle the power with ease

CME-85 Truck Mounted Drill RigHeavy-duty design and construction mean years of dependable service. The CME-85 is heavy duty all the way; take a look at the components. The right angle drive… the rotary box… the frame… every item was specifically designed to handle the power specifications of this drill, and then some. That means your CME-85 is going to be around for a long time… doing the big jobs, day after day, with rugged dependability you can count on.

Mechanical rotary drive gives you 22,950 foot pounds (31,116 Nm) of torque, plus high rotation when you need it

You get the torque you need for turning large diameter augers, as well as rotation speeds up to 490 rpm for rotary or core drilling applications. Other optional rotation speed and torque combinations are also available for your specific drilling applications. With six forward gears and one reverse, there is a rotation speed and torque combination available for just about any situation.

Cummins diesel power unit

A Cummins QSB 6.7 liter (408 cubic inch) turbo charged diesel engine is the backbone of this powerful mechanically driven drill rig. It is rated at 164 horsepower (122.3 kw) and meets U.S. EPA tier-4 final level emissions.

Patented spindle brake stops rotation in an instant

CME-85 Truck Mounted Drill RigOur emergency spindle brake can stop rotation in less than a revolution. This system is activated by two conveniently located push button switches, as well as by strategically located multi-directional wobble switches.

Hydraulic feed and retract system provides 48,100 pounds (21,817 kg) of retract force and 28,225 pounds (12,802 kg) of down pressure

The CME-85 has plenty of retract power for pulling heavy strings of augers. Twin 75 inch (190 cm) stroke, hydraulic vertical drive cylinders are aligned with the drill spindle to provide precise control of force on the drilling tools. For exceptional drilling efficiency, the feed system has two separate controls. One gives you manual control of feed and retract and features both normal and fast retract positions. Retract rates of up to 85 feet (26 m) per minute let you add or remove drilling tools quickly. The other is exclusively for feed and has a detent engaged position. Detent controls let you dial in a specific feed rate and pressure. This system is extremely advantageous in core drilling and other operations that require precise control of feed. And since the two controls are isolated, you can use the manual control for rapid retract without changing the pressure settings for the detent feed control.

Control logic — the key to operator productivity

CME-85 Truck Mounted Drill Rig Control PanelDrilling and setup controls are logically arranged on a control panel at the driller’s station. The most frequently used controls, such as feed, hydraulic hoists, and sliding base levers, are staggered for easier identification and operation.

Slide bases make the job easier and quicker

A 20 inch (50.8 cm) in-out movement allows you to quickly move the drill off the borehole and align the sheaves for lifting tools with the cathead or any of the hoists. A 10 inch (25.4 cm) sideways movement gives you even more versatility. Aligning augers or rods when making connections is easy, or if a bit drifts off at an angle when you start a hole, you can quickly straighten it to a vertical position. If you have ever tried to line up your rig over an existing borehole, you surely recognize the benefit of the slide bases.

Patented hydraulic kelly bar lifting system for quick and easy set-up

Coupling and uncoupling the kelly bar to the right angle drive is virtually effortless. After raising the mast, the kelly bar is hydraulically lowered until the flex coupling engages the right angle drive output shaft. An interlock system is furnished that will not allow the lowering of the mast until the kelly bar is hydraulically raised and disconnected from right angle drive.

Drill mast

The CME-85 drill mast measures 31 foot (9.5 m) from the slide base to the sheaves.

10,000 pound (4,535 kg) hydraulic hoist for big lifting jobs

The standard 10,000 pound hydraulic hoist is controlled by a single lever, conveniently located at the drillers’ station. Fast line speeds of 72 ft (22 m) per minute up and 310 ft (94 m) per minute down give you excellent hoisting efficiency.

Drill platform

The CME-85 basic unit includes a heavy construction drill platform designed to fit most tandem axle trucks. Two hydraulic leveling jacks are included at the rear of the platform, and a third jack is installed at the front of the truck. Tool boxes are installed under both sides of the platform with optional auger racks available if desired.

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company

85 Features  |  85 Specifications  |  85 Optional Equipment

Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.

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