CME-55 Truck Mounted Auger Drill

CME-55 Truck Mounted Auger Drill

Evolution of a classic

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CME-55 Truck Mount DrillingWhen the CME-55 first rolled off the production line back in 1963, it was an immediate success. It had the power, versatility, and dependability to handle geotechnical and medium-sized environmental jobs with maximum efficiency.

Although today’s CME-55 features many refinements, it’s basically the same drill that has been the standard of its class for more than 35 years. The popularity and the high resale value of this classic machine bear testimony to its performance record in the field.

The CME-55 can be mounted on a variety of different carriers, including two wheel or all-wheel drive, single or tandem axle trucks. It can also be mounted on the CME-55T trailer or on the CME-300 tracked carrier.

The feed system

The hydraulic feed and retract system provides 28,275 pounds [12,826 kg] of retract force and 18,650 pounds [8,460 kg] of down pressure. The 72 inch [183 cm] stroke, hydraulic vertical drive system has no chains or cables which can stretch. It gives you precise control of force on the drilling tools. The split feed slide bushings are easily replaced after normal wear intervals, and the standard upright gives you the clearance to drill with up to 10 1/4 inch hollow augers.

CME-55 Feed SystemThe rotary box

Rugged mechanical rotary drive provides 7,700 foot pounds [10,440 Nm] of torque and rotary speeds of up to 800 rpm.

Other rotation and torque combinations are available, including a high-torque rotary drive that gives you up to 9,400 foot pounds [12,744 Nm] of torque and rotary speeds of up to 665 rpm. The five speed transmission is connected to the drill engine through a heavy-duty 13 inch clutch. With five forward gears and one reverse, there is a rotation speed and torque combination for just about any situation. The mechanical drive system also gives you a better feel for drilling conditions down the hole. It allows you to sense the need for changes in feed pressure and rotational torque.

CME-55 Control PanelControl logic – the key to driller productivity.

All drilling and set-up controls are logically arranged on the control panel located at the drillers’ station.

The most commonly used functions, such as the feed, hydraulic hoist, and sliding base levers are staggered for easier identification and operation. Also a lock out position for the clutch lever to prevent accidental engagement.

CME-55 Spindle Brake E-Stop System

Patented Spindle Brake stops rotation in an instant.

Our emergency Spindle Brake can stop rotation in less than a revolution. The system is activated by two conveniently located push button switches as well as strategically located multi-directional wobble switches.

Water tank/tool box combinations.

CME-55 Truck Mount Tool BoxYou can choose a 250 gallon (757 L) or a 500 gallon (1,893 L) water tank. You can also choose either steel or stainless steel construction. Numerous water tank/tool box configurations are available, including models with rod storage underneath and an expanded metal rack on top.

Plenty of auger storage available.

CME-55 Hydraulic Auger RackAbove deck auger storage areas are provided with the optional drill platform. The CME-55 is also available with several under-body auger rack configurations, including hydraulically operated racks that slide in and out for easy access to augers.


† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company