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CME-55LC Trailer Mounted Drill Optional Equipment


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CME-55LC Brochure CME Product Catalog

CME-55LC Brochure

CME Product Catalog

55LC Features  |  55LC Specifications  |  55LC Optional Equipment

Hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench

CME-55LC Trailer Mounted DrillThe CME hydraulic rod holder/break-out wrench system makes your job quicker and safer. It not only pivots from on-hole to off-hole positions, but also hydraulically moves in and out for easy alignment with the tools. Jaws are specific to rod diameter applying even pressure and preventing damage to drill rods or casing. For efficient operation, the breakout wrench is mounted at the pivot point of the rod holder arm.

Slide bases make the job easier and quicker

Slide base options are available for both in-out and sideways movement of the drill on the platform. Aligning the augers or rods when making connections is easy, or if the bit drifts off at an angle when starting a hole, you can quickly straighten it to a vertical position. Since the upright and optional mast are mounted directly to the drill frame, they move with the drill when the slide base is used.

Automatic SPT hammer

The CME-140 pound (63.5 kg) automatic SPT hammer system gives you extremely consistent and accurate Standard Penetration Test results, meeting all ASTM-D-1586-84 requirements. There are no ropes or cables to impede the free fall of the weight. The hammer swings from stored position to on-hole position. Since raising and lowering is done hydraulically, set up is quick and almost effortless. For maximum safety, all moving parts are enclosed, including the impact area between the weight and the anvil. Other hammer systems are available including 170 pound (77 kg), 300 pound (136 kg), and 340 pound (154 kg).

Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT)

CME-55LC Trailer Mounted Drill Hoist MastCPT controls allow you to easily switch from typical geotechnical drilling and sampling procedures to pushing a cone. A dedicated hydraulic circuit including detented CPT control lever, hydraulic down feed pressure and CPT feed rate controls provide precise pressure and penetration adjustments required to meet ASTM standards. A separate CPT system hydraulic pressure gauge is provided as well. Anchor points are installed below the drill feed frame so that maximum available pressure can be applied to the CPT tools. A 12-volt power source can be provided at the drill control panel to accommodate electronic devices associated with CPT procedures. Mounting for depth transducers or other related equipment can also be provided.

Additional optional equipment

CME-55LC Trailer Mounted Drill Cathead

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company

55LC Features  |  55LC Specifications  |  55LC Optional Equipment

Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.

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