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CME-55LCX Truck Mounted Drill Features

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CME-55LCX Truck Mounted DrillHigh torque, low clearance
The CME-55LCX comes with more horsepower, more spindle torque, and low clearance capability. At nearly 12,000 ft/lbs (16,202 Nm), the CME-55LCX approaches the power of a high torque CME-75 drill. And when overhead space is limited, you can easily change over to low clearance mode. Low clearance sheaves permit full use of hoist lines, you still have the full 72 inch (183 cm) feed stroke, and a low clearance lifting cylinder allows for normal automatic hammer operation.

Unique feed and retract design
The unique design of the CME-55LCX feed system eliminates the hydraulic cylinder piston rods that normally extend above the drill frame. Pulldown pressure rating is 27,615 pounds (12,526 kg). Retract pressure is rated at 19,750 pounds (8,958 kg). The fast retract speed of up to 95 ft/min (29 m/min) means more production. The split slide bushings are easily replaced after normal wear intervals, and the standard upright gives you the clearance to drill with up to 10-1/4 inch hollow augers.

Quick disconnect mast
The quick disconnect mast can be secured in its storage rack and removed from the drill by simply sliding out with the hydraulic in/out slide base control. “Quick-cabling” sheaves allow you to easily move the hoist lines from the mast sheaves to the low clearance sheaves provided above the drill frame.

CME-55LCX Truck Mounted DrillDependable Cummins power
The CME-55LCX is powered by a 130 horsepower (97 kw) Cummins QSF 3.8 turbocharged diesel engine meeting tier-4 final emissions standards. Cold weather starting aid and engine protection shutdown systems are included.

Patented Spindle Brake stops rotation in an instant
Our emergency Spindle Brake can stop rotation in less than a revolution. The system is activated by two conveniently located push button switches as well as strategically located multi-directional wobble switches.

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company

Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.