CME-45C Truck Mounted Auger Drill Optional Equipment

CME-45C Truck Mount Auger Drill

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CME-45C Automatic SPT HammerAutomatic SPT hammer

Our 140 pound [63.5 kg] automatic hammer gives you extremely consistent and accurate Standard Penetration Test results, meeting all ASTM-D-1586 requirements. That’s because there are no ropes or cables to impede the free fall of the weight.

The hammer swings from stored position to on-hole position. Since raising and lowering is done hydraulically, set up is quick and almost effortless.

For maximum safety, all moving parts are enclosed, including the impact area between the weight and the anvil. A 340/140 pound [154/63.5 kg] hammer is also available.

CME-45C Truck Mount Above Deck Auger RackAuger and rod storage

Above deck auger and rod racks are provided with the drill platform.

Several tool box, auger and rod storage configurations are available.

Slide bases make the job easier and quicker.

Slide base options are available in both in-out and sideways movement of the drill on the platform.

A 15 inch [38.1 cm] in-out movement allows you to quickly move the drill on and off the borehole and align the sheaves for lifting tools with the cathead or any of the hoists.

A 8 inch [20.3 cm] sideways movement gives you even more versatility. Aligning augers or rods when making connections is easy. If the bit drifts off at an angle when you start a hole, you can quickly straighten it to a vertical position.

Since the upright and optional mast are mounted directly to the drill frame, they move with the drill when the slide base is used. That means you can drill in any position within a 170 square inch [1097 cm²] area without moving the carrier.

If you have ever tried to line up your rig on an existing bore hole, you’ve probably already recognized another benefit of the slide base.

CMD-45C Truck Mount Angle DrillAngle drilling system for special applications

This unique system allows you to drill holes at various angles between horizontal and vertical. It is especially effective for drilling under ponds, storage tanks or other structures. When used with our patented Continuous Sample Tube System, you can even take soil samples while drilling angle holes.

The angle drilling system will also allow you to drill vertically with the rig positioned on an uphill slope. That can eliminate the time consuming job of leveling an area on which to place the rig.

Since the kelly drive is directly connected to the right angle drive box, you can raise and lower the mast with the drivetrain already connected and ready to go.

Additional optional equipment

  • Drill platform
  • Water tank
  • Continuous sample tube system
  • Stabilized side feed water swivel
  • Pavement coring attachment
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks
  • High torque rotary drive
    • 4,815 foot pounds [6,528 Nm] max
  • High speed rotary drive
    • 700 rpm max
  • Auger and rod guides for angle drilling
  • Mast (from base of frame to sheaves)
    • 15 foot [4.5 m]
    • 18 foot [5.5 m]
    • 20 foot [6.0 m]
  • Cathead, 8 inch [20.3 cm] diameter
  • Hydraulic hoist
    • 1,800 pound [816 kg], max line speed 200 ft./min [61 m/min]
    • 3,200 pound [1,452 kg], max line speed 100 ft./min [30.5 m/min]
    • 5,000 pound [2,268 kg], max line speed 50 ft./min [15 m/min]
  • Hydraulic wireline hoist
    • 900 pound [408 kg], max line speed 400 ft./min [122 m/min]
    • 1,800 pound [816 kg], max line speed 200 ft./min [61 m/min]
  • Water pumps
    • Progressing cavity
      • 36 gpm/225 psi [136 lpm/1,551 kPa]
      • 84 gpm/225 psi [318 lpm/1,551 kPa]
    • Triplex piston
      • 20 gpm/600 psi [70 lpm/4,137 kPa]
    • Other pumps available

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company