CME-1050 Rubber Tire ATV Mounted Drill Optional Equipment

CME-1050 Rubber Tire ATV Auger Drill

FeaturesSpecifications | Optional Equipment

CME-1050 Rod HolderHydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench

The hydraulic rod holder makes your job quicker and safer. It not only pivots from on-hole to off-hole positions, but also hydraulically moves in and out. For efficient operation, the breakout wrench is mounted at the pivot point of the rod holder arm.

CME-1050 SPT HammerAutomatic hammer

Our 140 pound [63.5 kg] automatic hammer gives you extremely consistent and accurate Standard Penetration Test results, meeting all ASTM-D-1586 requirements. That’s because there are no ropes or cables to impede the free fall of the weight.

The hammer swings from stored position to on-hole position. Since raising and lowering is done hydraulically, set up is quick and almost effortless.

for maximum safety, all moving parts are enclosed, including the impact area between the weight and the anvil. A 340/140 pound [154/63.5 kg] hammer is also available.

CME-1050 Quick Disconnect TowerQuick mast disconnect

This feature allows you to quickly disconnect the mast when working inside buildings, underneath bridges or in other low overhead drilling locations. Since the mast is completely separated from the upright, is doesn’t interfere with other drill functions such as the in-out slide base.

With the mast in the horizontal position, you simply clamp it to its storage rack and extend the drill’s in-out slide base. This pulls the sockets on the upright drill frame away from the large tapered pins on the mast.

Additional optional equipment

  • Continuous sample tube system
  • Dual pipe vises
  • Auger and rod guides for angle drilling
  • Fluted kelly and chuck assembly
  • Quick disconnect
  • Utility air tool system
  • Water tank
    • 140 gal [530 l]
  • Cathead, 8 inch [20.3 cm] diameter
  • Hydraulic hoist
    • 2,200 pound [998 kg], max line speed 100 ft./min [30.5 m/min]
    • 4,000 pound [1,814 kg], max line speed 100 ft./min [30.5 m/min]
  • Hydraulic wireline hoist
    • 1,125 pound [510 kg], max line speed 100 ft./min [30.5 m/min]
  • Hydraulic driver hoist
    • 1,200 pound [544 kg], max line speed 600 ft./min [183 m/min]
  • Water pumps
    • Moyno Progressing cavity
      • 36 gpm/225 psi [136 lpm/1,551 kPa]
      • 84 gpm/225 psi [318 lpm/1,551 kPa]
    • FMC/Bean
      • 25 gpm/500 psi [ 95 lpm/3,448 kPa]
      • 35 gpm/500 psi [132 lpm/3,448 kPa]
    • Gardner-Denver 4½ x 5
      • 148 gpm/197 psi [560 lpm/1,358 kPa]
    • Other pumps available

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company