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Skid Mounted Drill Rigs

CME-45C Skid Mounted DrillCME-45C
This is one of our most versatile drill rigs. With 19,600 pounds (8,891 kg) of retract force and up to 4,858 foot pounds (6,587 Nm) of rotary torque the CME-45C can be configured to fit you specific needs. The CME-45C Skid Mount is available in a truck transport or a trailer transport configuration.
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CME-55 Skid Mounted DrillCME-55
Special purpose CME-55 skid rigs are available with spindle torque up to 9,425 ft/lbs (12,778 Nm) or spindle speeds up to 800 rpm. These are self-contained rigs on CME designed steel skid frames. They can be fully equipped with CME automatic hammer, hydraulic rod and break-out wrench systems, several hoist lines and water pump systems to efficiently handle your barge work or limited access sites.
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Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.