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Rubber Tire ATV Mounted Drills

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CME-550X Rubber Tire ATV Mounted DrillCME-550X
A powerful mechanical drill on a specifically designed rubber tire all-terrain carrier, the CME-550X is the ideal drilling rig for off-road boring sites. With 28,275 pounds (12,825 kg) of retract force and up to 11,345 foot pounds (15,380 Nm) of rotary torque, the CME-550X is capable of drilling holes up to 14 inches (35 cm) in diameter using hollow-stem augers.
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CME-750X Rubber Tire ATV Mounted DrillCME-750X
Developed in 1972, the CME-750X continues to satisfy the need for an efficient auger drill with off-road capability. The dependable mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 13,225 foot pounds (17,930 Nm) of torque for auger drilling holes up to 16 inches (40 cm) in diameter.
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CME-1050 Rubber Tire ATV Mounted DrillCME-1050
The CME-1050 has big power, like the CME-85 in an all-terrain configuration. With a mechanical rotary drive spindle torque rating up to 24,700 foot pounds (33,489 Nm) the CME-1050 is ready to tackle deep auger borings on undeveloped job sites.
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CME Rubber Tire ATV Mounted Drills
  550X 750X 1050
Standard Rotary Box
Rotational Speed 690 rpm 745 rpm 435 rpm
Rotary Torque 9,080 ft/lbs
(12,310 Nm)
10,445 ft/lbs
(14,160 Nm)
24,700 ft/lbs
(33,490 Nm)
High Torque Rotary Box
Rotational Speed 550 rpm 590 rpm N/A
Rotary Torque 11,340 ft/lbs
(15,375 Nm)
13,230 ft/lbs
(17,935 Nm)
High Speed Rotary Box
Rotational Speed 920 rpm 930 rpm N/A
Rotary Torque 6,800 ft/lbs
(9,219 Nm)
8,350 ft/lbs
(11,321 Nm)
Feed System
Pull Down Force 18,650 lbs
(8,460 kg)
20,000 lbs
(9,070 kg)
28,225 lbs
(12,800 kg)
Retract Force 28,275 lbs
(12,825 kg)
30,000 lbs
(13,600 kg)
48,100 lbs
(21,815 kg)
Feed Rate 55 ft (17 m) 48 ft (15 m) 74 ft (23 m)
Retract Rate 35 ft (11 m) 30 ft (9 m) 43 ft (13 m)
Rapid Retract Rate 90 ft (27 m) 78 ft (24 m) 85 ft (26 m)

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Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards.
Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. CME reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice.