CME-45B Truck Mounted Auger Drill

CME-45B Truck Mount Rear Driller's Side

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CME-45B Feed SystemHydraulic feed and retract system provides 19,600 lbs. [8,891 kg] of retract force and 13,650 lbs. [6,192 kg] of down pressure.

The 68 inch [173 cm] stroke, hydraulic vertical drive system has no chains or cables which can stretch. It gives you precise control of force on the drilling tools.

Rugged mechanical rotary drive with up to 4,815 foot pounds [6,528 Nm] of torque.

Several torque and rotation speed combinations are available, including a high-speed rotary drive that gives you up to 700 rpm. The four speed transmission is connected to the drill engine through a heavy-duty clutch. With four forward gears and one reverse, there’s a rotation speed and torque combination available for just about any situation. The mechanical rotary drive also gives you a good feel for changes in soil and drilling conditions down the hole. It allows you to sense the need to adjust feed pressure and rotational torque. A torque limiting clutch, which is adjustable, provides protection against shock overload.

CME-45B Control PanelControl logic – the key to operator productivity.

All drilling and set-up controls are logically arranged on a control panel located at the drillers station. A lock-out position for the clutch lever helps prevent accidental engagement. And since the transmission does not travel vertically with the spindle, you won’t find yourself unable to change gears when you’re at the top of the feed stroke.



CME-45B E-Stop SwitchPatented spindle brake stops rotation in an instant.

Our emergency spindle brake can stop rotation in less than a revolution. This system is activated by two conveniently located push button switches, as well as by strategically located multi-directional wobble switches. All switches are located on the drill and are not affected if removed from the carrier.


CME-45B EngineDependable Deutz diesel power

The CME-45B is powered by a 197 cubic inch [3.2L] Deutz air-cooled 3 cylinder engine rated at 57 horsepower.


† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company