Trailer Mounted Drills

CME-45B Trailer Mount


The CME-45B is an economical, efficient drill that can be mounted on a truck, trailer or ATV carrier. Power is provided by a deck mounted diesel engine. Available optional equipment includes in-out and sideways slide bases, automatic SPT hammer, direct push hammer, hydraulic rod holder and break-out wrench, cathead, water tank, a variety of hydraulic hoists, and much more.

CME-45C Trailer Mount


This is one of our most versatile drill rigs, It can be mounted on a truck, trailer, skid, ATV or the CME-300 tracked carrier. It can even be helicopter-portable. A skid/trailer configuration is also available. This application gives you two options. You can use the drill as a conventional trailer mounted unit, or you can easily remove the drill from the trailer and skid it up or down steep slopes, or through narrow openings.

CME-55 Trailer Mount


Although today’s CME-55 features many refinements, it’s basically the same drill that has been the standard of its class for more than 30 years. The popularity and high resale value of this classic machine bear testimony to its performance record in the field.

With 28,275 pounds [12,826 kg] of retract force and up to 9,400 foot pounds [12,744 Nm] of rotary torque, the CME-55 is capable of drilling holes up to 14 inches [36 cm] in diameter using hollow stem augers.

CME-55LC Trailer Mount


The CME-55LC has a unique feed and retract system and a quick disconnect mast that allows you to work under service station canopies, bridges or other overhead restrictions.

The CME-55LC gives you all the power and productivity of a full-sized CME-55. It is also available with many of the same options to help get the job done as efficiently as possible. The optional SPT hammer even has a separate valve for lifting the hammer when working in the low clearance mode that restricts the height that the hammer can be raised.

CME Trailer Mounted Drills
  45B 45C 55 55LC
Standard Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) 643 rpm 643 rpm 800 rpm 800 rpm
Rotary Torque (max) 3,395 ft lbs
[4,603 Nm]
3,395 ft lbs
[4,603 Nm]
7,700 ft lbs
[10,440 Nm]
7,700 ft lbs
[10,440 Nm]
High Torque Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) 453 rpm 453 rpm 665 rpm 665 rpm
Rotary Torque (max) 4,815 ft lbs
[6,528 Nm]
4,815 ft lbs
[6,528 Nm]
9,400 ft lbs
[12,744 Nm]
9,400 ft lbs
[12,744 Nm]
High Speed Rotary Box
Rotational Speed (max) 700 rpm 700 rpm    
Rotary Torque (max) 3,115 ft lbs
[4,223 Nm]
3,115 ft lbs
[4,223 Nm]
Feed System
Pull Down Force 13,650 lbs
[6,192 kg]
13,650 lbs
[6,192 kg]
18,650 lbs
[8,460 kg]
19,750 lbs
[8,958 kg]
Retract Force 19,600 lbs
[8,891 kg]
19,600 lbs
[8,891 kg]
28,275 lbs
[12,826 kg]
27,615 lbs
[12,525 kg]