CME-850XR Track Carrier Auger Drill


Rough Terrain or City Streets

Features | Specifications | Optional Equipment

CME-850XR DrillingThe CME-850XR is a rough-terrain drill that has full rubber tracks that won’t damage most pavement. With only 3.9 psi ground bearing pressure, this rig can get you to locations inaccessible to even rubber-tired ATV drills. But it can also do your city jobs on concrete or asphalt streets and parking lots.

Since we designed and built the undercarriage ourselves specifically for this rig, there are no compromises. The 850XR features an automatic, hydraulic track tensioning system that also allows you to easily release tension for service. And replacement tracks are readily available.

CME-850XR TracksWith up to 14,925 foot pounds of torque and 28,275 pounds of retract force, the CME-850XR has all the same drilling performance specifications as the time proven CME-850X. It’s also available with all the same options, like automatic SPT hammer, hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench, quick mast disconnect, and many more.

The new CME-850XR can increase your versatility as well as your business and profitability.

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company