CME-55LC Track Carrier Auger Drill

CME-55LC on CME-300 Tracked Carrier Driller Side

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CME-55LC Low Clearance ModeThe CME-55LC has a unique feed and retract system and a quick disconnect mast that allows you to work under service station canopies, bridges or other overhead restrictions. The overall working height with the mast disconnected is only 11 foot, 11 inches when mounted on the CME-300 tracked carrier. A truck mounted CME-55LC is also available.

The CME-55LC gives you all the power and productivity of a full-sized CME-55. It is also available with many of the same options to help get the job done as efficiently as possible. The optional SPT hammer even has a separate valve for lifting the hammer when working in the low clearance mode that restricts the height that the hammer can be raised.

CME-55LC on CME-300 Tracked Carrier Helper SideThe CME-55LC and the CME-300 remote controlled tracked carrier make an excellent team for low clearance drilling jobs. Since the CME-300 is designed specifically for carrying drill rigs, there are no compromises. The CME-55LC, Low clearance, high performance.

† Patented by Central Mine Equipment Company