CME Response to
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

03/18/20 - As a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have received several inquiries concerning the current and anticipated status of CME’s day-to-day operations. At present, we are experiencing only minimal supply chain and workforce interruptions, and we continue to operate near our normal capacity. Our shipping companies are also operating normally, so unless something changes we will continue to provide equipment, parts and service without interruption.

It is likely that over the coming weeks the number of supply chain and workforce interruptions will increase, which depending on the severity may or may not impact our ability to operate normally. Obviously, this is a fluid situation and we will issue updates as needed.

Meanwhile, we are taking precautions recommended by the CDC and other health organizations to protect our employees, suppliers and visitors. This includes cancelling unnecessary travel, practicing social distancing and regularly disinfecting high traffic areas. We hope you all are staying healthy and following those same recommendations so we can keep it that way.